College Preparation & Tours


Access the best education experts and resources to prepare you for the U.S. college admission process. International students will improve essential academic skills through practice tests and comprehensive classes while also being taken through the entire application process from practice interviews to resume workshops and college essay writing help.




Most of our programs include some form of College Preparation, including:

  • American classroom shadowing in high school and college settings
  • SAT and TOEFL exam preparation
  • Mock tests that teach test-taking strategies and measure each student’s progress and level of improvement
  • Resume workshops
  • Mock interviews
  • College essay writing help
  • Guest speakers, including Admissions Counselors


Since many of our staff members are recent graduates, students in our programs will be able to ask questions and gain advice from those with firsthand knowledge and experience in applying to and attending American colleges.

For our Summer YWL program, the College Preparation course is optional and is available to all students for an additional fee. For information on our dates and fees, please click here.




America is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities. As part of our Winter and Summer programs, students may be given the opportunity to visit major universities including The University of Maryland, Georgetown University, George Washington University and Johns Hopkins University. While exploring university campuses, Young World Leaders students can ask questions about higher education in America, gain new perspectives on academic life abroad and feel inspired about their future careers on a global scale.

On the campuses of these universities, Young World Leaders students participate in activities that may include:

  • A campus tour
  • A personal meeting with admissions counselors
  • The opportunity to sit in on a class
  • A discussion of university courses offered and decision-making processes
  • Sports activities that teach students teamwork such as football, soccer, basketball, and modern dance
  • Cultural exchange

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