English as a Second Language (ESL) and Cultural Immersion


Learn and practice your English language skills with native speakers in each of our programs!

All students will have formal and informal learning opportunities for improving their English through cultural and language immersion with American and international students.  Students in our Summer YWL program will also have the opportunity to take an ESL program which will focus on vocabulary and idioms, listening skills, improving grammar in speaking, discussion, debate and everyday conversation skills. Our accelerated curriculum guides English language learners of all proficiency levels to improve fluency and confidence.

Our English language program features:

  • Effective and enjoyable lessons
  • Encouraging and knowledgeable teachers
  • Excellent staff to student’s ratio
  • Individualized attention
  • Outstanding supervision and support



Each Young World Leaders program offers English-language practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing!


Listening and Speaking in English


This course allows international students to practice and refine their English language conversational skills with real native speakers. Students will develop their skills by responding to spoken information, explaining, debating, engaging in problem-solving activities, and discussing personal experiences.


Reading and Writing in English


This course focuses on improving the reading comprehension and writing skills of non-native students. Students will engage with fiction and non-fiction reading and writing exercises then progress to more advanced texts like short stories, essays, plays, newspaper articles and excerpts from novels. Classes consist of discussion, note-taking, reading, writing, interviewing Americans, and visiting historical sites.

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