Global Leadership


The Global Leadership program at Young World Leaders prepares students to be just that: the next generation of leaders. Students choose a field of emphasis, and have the opportunity to learn what leadership means in the field of their choice: either Leadership in the Global Community or Civic Advocacy and Social Entrepreneurship.


Leadership in the Global Community


This course empowers young people from all over the world to create a better and more peaceful world through cultural understanding and positive action. Students will broaden and deepen their knowledge of global issues and learn how they can independently find out more about the world we live in.


Civic Advocacy and Social Entrepreneurship


This course emphasizes the importance of service to communities with an emphasis on learning responsibility and effective leadership skills. Lessons will focus on individuals and movements in history that have had a great impact to the global community. Students will design and run their own service or advocacy project either back in their respective home countries, or in Young World Leaders’ Washington, DC community as they research and uncover important steps to confronting major global issues. Guest lecturers, including local social entrepreneurs, may also be involved in the development of each individual’s advocacy project.

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