Why Young World Leaders?


Young World Leaders is a US-based intercultural organization that offers international students advancement in cultural and language immersion, leadership skill development, and academic preparedness. Students from all over the world enroll in our programs to develop their leadership skills, expand their global citizenship through intercultural dialogue, practice English language skills in real-world interactions, and experience meaningful travel with like-minded peers. Explore below and click on the sidebar to learn more about the different aspects that form our core curriculum for each Young World Leaders program.

Young World Leaders Highlights Include:

  • Tour museums, visit landmarks, and discover new sights while exploring New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.
  • Make lifelong friends from all over the world while participating in cultural activities like cooking and sharing meals from students’ respective home countries, seeing a professional American baseball game, taking a martial arts lesson, and so much more!
  • English Language Program (ESL) participants develop confidence in speaking and interacting through engaging with native speakers in many different cultural, educational and social situations
  • Get an “insider’s guide” to American culture with American staff
  • Make lifelong friends from all over the world
  • The Global Leadership program empowers students with the knowledge and skills necessary to change the world
  • Have an unforgettable summer filled with fun and learning!

Am I a Young World Leader?

Are you looking for educational opportunities abroad? Are you thinking of studying abroad in America or attending an English-speaking college or university? Wondering how you can improve speaking English in real-world interactions? Are you interested in global stewardship?

Are you looking to stay on-campus at a real American University or high school located minutes away from Washington, D.C.?

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